The ITV 7

The ITV 7 Nowadays, the ITV 7 is a free-to-play competition offered by ITV in partnership with Sky Bet, but has its origins in the previous incarnation of ITV Racing, shown as part of ‘World of Sport’ from the early Seventies onwards. Although no longer an accumulator in the traditional sense, the basic concept remains the same; viewers are required to predict the winners of all seven selected races to win a prize of up to £100,000. Of course, picking seven winners, especially on a competitive, televised card, is no mean feat and cumulative odds regularly run to tens, or even hundreds, of thousands to one.

The ITV 7 may be free to enter, but the huge number of entries often leads to multiple winners, who share the jackpot prize. Consequently, many punters supplement their promotional bet with a small-stakes accumulator, of the traditional type – that is, settled at starting price, early price or board price, at the discretion of the punter – so that, if they do strike it lucky, they are guaranteed a mammoth payday, regardless of the number of winning tickets in the ITV 7.

However, even so, punters still need to pay attention to the prices on offer from the bookmaker with whom they place their accumulator bet; betting at multiple odds means that a point, or half a point, here and there can quickly translate into a shortfall of hundreds of thousands of pounds in the final payout. Indeed, on Betfair Hurdle Day, 2019, odds comparison service Oddschecker calculated that the difference between the best and worst odds on offer for each of the winners of the ITV 7 races – although, individually, never more than a single point – translated into a deficit of over £375,000 on a 7-fold accumulator to a £1 stake.

Lucky 15 Bet

Lucky 15 Bet A lucky 15 consists of 15 bets based on four selections. The combination of bets is: 4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles, and 1 four-fold. A unique feature of lucky 15 bets is that if one selection wins a consolation return is paid to treble the odds, and if all four win there is a bonus added to winnings. A Lucky 15 bet is essentially like a yankee but with the additional singles bets added into the equation. The bet involves spreading your stake over a number of bets which could be perceived to be a negative, but the plus side of that is that you have more combinations of bet working for you.

Yankee Bet

Yankee Bet With yankee bets we really start ramping up the the number of different bets contained within this particular multiple bet. Yankees consist of 11 bets in total across four selections (6 doubles, 4 trebles and a four-fold accumulator) so there is a bit of everything going on. Due to the number of total bets, the stake is spread out across all 11 bets. Consequently this is a type of bet better suited to speculative selections, as one of them losing isn’t the be all and end all (you’d still win 4 of 11 bets), unlike with a straight forward accumulator bet. Of course there is a trade off in how much you can win in total though, since your bet is spread relatively thinly when compared to a 4 fold acca.

10 Fold Premier League Acca

10 Fold Premier League Acca The final day of the Premier League football season inevitably produces one or two surprise results, as an exhausting campaign takes it toll and players with little, or nothing, to play for have one eye on the beach. The closing round of fixtures in 2018/19 was no exception, with perhaps the biggest surprise of all coming at Old Trafford, where a brace of goals by Cardiff City winger Nathaniel Mendez-Laing saw the already-relegated Welsh club record their first win over Manchester United since 1954.

Elsewhere, some results went according to form. Manchester City and Liverpool both won, against Brighton and Wolves, respectively, to confirm their positions as the top two in the Premier League, while Arsenal won their final game, against Burnley, for the eighth season running, to finish fifth and qualify for the Europa League. Less readily predictable, perhaps, were draws between Spurs and Everton, Leicester and Chelsea and Southampton and Huddersfield.

Nevertheless, all seven results, along with three more, were correctly predicted by an anonymous Derbyshire punter, who staked £5 on a ten-fold accumulator with Paddy Power and duly won £117,485.16 at cumulative odds of 23,496/1. The results may not have taken the punter unawares but, having neglected, for whatever reason, to check the outcome of his bet until ten days later, discovering that he was over £117,000 richer almost certainly. A Paddy Power spokesman likened his windfall to ‘finding a winning lottery ticket down the back of the sofa.’

Patent Bet

Patent Bet Now that we’ve discussed singles, doubles, trebles and accumulators in general, we can focus on more specific bets. A Patent involved three selections and is a bet that is comprised of 3 x single bets, 3 x double bets and 1 x Treble bet, so seven bets in total. If even one selection wins, you win that bet, though of course this has be weighed against the bets that don’t win assuming that you’re not successful across the board. Patents offer the hope of a nice sized win if your luck is in, and at least some return if you’re thereabouts in your assessment.