Lucky 63 Bet

A lucky 63 bet consists of a total of 63 bets based on six initial selections. There are 6 single bets, 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 four-folds, 6 five-folds and 1 six-fold bet. With so many variations it’s certainly an ambitious punt and offers plenty of scope for good returns if you find that several of your selections win. Of course, if there are one or two loses, unlike with an outright 6 fold bet, it doesn’t mean that the entire bet is a loser.

Coronation Street – Massive Accumulator Win

The idea of a big accumulator win isn’t something confined to your local horse racing addict! It’s something many people have considered, and has even been a plot in one of the countries most popular soap operas, Coronation Street!

Heinz Bet

A Heinz bet is more ambitious still than the 5 selection variations, in that it consists of 6 selections and a total of 57 separate bets (doubles x 15, trebles x 20, four-fold x 15, five-fold x 6, six-fold x 1). With a Heinz Bet your bet is split in many direction with many possibilities to win. These of course have to be weighed against any loses accrued with out of the 57 bets though. . A minimum of 2 of the selections must be successful to gain a return.